Season’s of Dance Part 3 – Recital Season

Hello Recital Season!!! We’ve successfully made it through Competition Season and now it’s time to focus on Recital Season. You may think that Competition Season is the most stress one could ever face, but I will “see” your stressful Competition Season and “raise” you one Recital Season.

During Recital Season, it is IMPERATIVE that your dancer is at the studio for every single class they take in which they will be performing at the recital. One missed class and your dancer will be behind the magic eight ball. Some dancers can pick up quickly, but most need every single class to absorb and learn the next 2, 3, or 4 counts of 8 in the performance. And the rest of the class relies on your dancer for their part. The performances aren’t all just dancers standing in a straight line. Most performances include the dancers interacting with each other. If your kid is out, my kid misses out too. So, please don’t miss class!

Costume distribution.If there is anything you should never send in a sub for, it’s costume distribution. Whomever is going to be helping your dancer get ready (generally moms, aunts, or grandmas) should make every attempt to be at costume distribution so that you know which side of the head a hair piece should go, how to roll tights, what color tights, how to care for the costume, etc. It’s also an excellent time to get a sneak peak at how much your dancer has learned this year and get some excitement going for the rest of the family about how awesome the performance will be! LABEL EVERYTHING. Seriously. Even the hairpieces. Even the tights. Even the hairbrush. LABEL THEM.

Forms, FORMS, forms, and forms.Yes, there are a lot. There is a reason behind the amount of forms and why everything isn’t in just one packet. As a parent that helps after the forms are returned, I IMPLORE YOU to please complete the form.  Don’t send an email with the data you think was on the form, don’t shoot Ms Mariah a text, don’t call it in. Just complete the form, BY THE DATES INDICATED. The dates and forms aren’t meant to make your life difficult, I promise. They’re meant to ensure that your dancer gets what they want/need and that if there are questions or issues, they can be addressed before they become last minute. Trust me. Please follow the directions and complete the forms, on time, as requested.

Read EVERY EMAIL. Ms Mariah makes sure every parent receives all the information and all the same information. So, if you think of a question, check your email. Chances are Ms Mariah has already emailed you the answer.  But let’s face it, she’s a human and has many tasks she is simultaneously completing, so she may have missed something, so don’t hesitate to ask if you can’t find the answer.

Picture Day.LABEL EVERYTHING. I cannot stress the importance of labels enough. Please be on time, ready to go for picture day. DO NOT allow your dancer to wear their costume from the house to the studio. But do come prepared to just slip out them out of their cover-up and into their costume. It will be really quick and painless if everyone comes in with makeup and hair done and costumes and accessories ready to go. If your dancer is in multiple performances and there is a gaggle of dancers changing in the dressing room, tights are flying, hair accessories are being shot about, and shoes mysteriously wind up in someone else’s bag. You’ll be happy you listened to me and LABELED EVERYTHING.

Recital Week: Dress Rehearsal.This is a tricky day. Do you need to take the day off of work? Does your dancer need to be out of school for the day? No one says you need to, but for my own sanity, I take the day off and will pick my dancer up from school around noon.

Start the day ensuring your costumes and shoes are in order and clean AND that everything is still labeled. Put together or refresh your dancer’s makeup and hair kit bag (checklist at the bottom of this post). Get snacks, water, and even a small packable meal together for you and your dancer. Do you have a little dancer that needs to be entertained backstage? Put together a bag with coloring books, crayons (NO MARKERS), maybe an electronic game (fully charged) or books so that they don’t lose their cool while they’re waiting to go on stage.  Label these too if you want them returned after rehearsal/recital.

Have a cup of coffee, think about the fact that over the course of the past year your dancer has grown and changed. Get excited for them. Have you placed an order for flowers through the studio and/or through a florist/grocery store? Have you thought about teacher gifts?

About an hour before check-in, start heading towards Lewis Auditorium (Flagler College). Parking can be an issue. If you are a St Johns County resident and have the Park NOW card, there are a few metered lots near the auditorium where it’s only .50 per hour instead of $2.50 (4 hour limit either way). Get yourself parked and get checked in at the auditorium. If you’re helping backstage, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. We know that you’re missing fantastic performances to help backstage, but we appreciate YOU (Don’t worry, you can go sit in the audience to watch your dancer perform!).

There will be time in between dances to eat the snacks you brought. If you didn’t bring a more substantial meal, there will be Dance Team dads selling hamburgers and hotdogs as a fundraiser for our competition dancers behind the auditorium!

Most importantly, follow the directions of your stage parents, get to know the parents that will be working backstage with your dancer, and ask all of the questions you might have. Today is it!

Recital Week: Dance Recital.The big day!  Make sure your dancer has plenty of sleep the night before and has a nice healthy breakfast and lunch. I know this time of year it’s tempting to have them play outside all day, but only do so if you think you’ll be able to get a nap out of them before they need to get ready for the recital. There’s nothing more disappointing than a cranky child that won’t perform.

Arrive at the auditorium ready to perform! If you’re helping backstage, we can’t wait to see your smiling face, and guess what? You’ve got this. If you’re watching from the audience, sit back and relax. We’ve got this.

Makeup and Hair Accessories Kit Checklist:

Nude camisole

Hair spray

Hair gel

Spray bottle of water (to help with hair changes)

Ponytail holders

Bobby pins and Hair pins

Hair nets

Hair extensions

Sewing Kit

Eye shadow

Eye liner

Mascara and/or false eyelashes (and eyelash glue)





Change of clothes and shoes (don’t forget underwear!)