Recital Etiquette From A Dancer’s Point Of View

A Quick Reminder Of Recital Etiquette From A Dancer’s Point Of View

Whether you’re at a musical on Broadway, a theatre production, or local dance recital, there are some spoken and unspoken rules of theater etiquette.  If this is your first recital and you’re unfamiliar with the “rules”, here’s a quick overview so we dancers can perform our best.

Cell Phones, iPads, and other electronics – please turn off sound and vibrate mode.

We can see the phone lights from the stage and that can make us lose our place and bump into each other.    Also, we don’t want our moms to pay attention to your phone light rather than us!

Entering and Exiting – please remain seated during each dance unless there is a true emergency.   A Team Dad volunteer will be seated near the doors to assist anyone needing to leave the theatre during the performance.   Watching people leave while we’re dancing makes us think you don’t like our dance.

Photos and Videos – please leave this to the professionals who have professionally finished products available for very reasonable costs.   We are very excited that this year we will have action photography during the show and our parents can purchase photos online.   We don’t want you to be the person “caught in the act” of holding up your phone and captured forever in our photo or video.  Most importantly, when was the last time you really stopped everything and enjoyed what we were doing, in the moment?

Food and Drinks – Lewis Auditorium prohibits food and drink in the theatre.  Please adhere to their policy so our studio is not fined for cleanup.  Also, the noise of “snacking” can be heard on the stage and we will wonder what you’re eating and don’t want our families distracted from watching us.

Applause – please do applaud enthusiastically for all dances! But   . . . please don’t call out our names while we dance because we will stop to listen and lose our focus on our dancing.

Sit Back and Enjoy!  We have all worked hard to perform to the best of our ability.   For our younger classes, learning to do the same steps at the same time, while staying in place has been a major accomplishment this year! The elementary school dancers have worked on advancing their techniques and will be showing them for the first time this year.    There are a few special surprises planned which we hope you will enjoy and please know everyone backstage is taking care of all of the details so you can relax and leave on time to take us for a celebration dinner.