New Students/New Families

artists in motion offers secure and convenient class online registration using the Jackrabbit Dance Studio Management Software. Simply use this link to begin registration now.

Returning or Current Students

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Tuition is due on the first of each month. Late fees of $35.00 per class is charged on the 5th of the month, unless prior arrangements are made with the owner. artists in motion utilizes automatic billing for all payments. If you opt out of automatic billing, tuition is due on the 25th of the month prior.

Declined credit card charges or check NSF charges are $35.00 per instance plus any additional fees charged by the bank. Accounts having two declined credit card charges or check NSF charges will become cash accounts until further arrangements can be made.

Students will not be allowed to take classes until tuition is paid in full for the month.

Monthly tuition is based on the total number of classes for the school calendar year and takes into account months with five weeks as well as the additional instruction and rehearsal time for the annual performance. Missed classes can be made up by taking a similar class in the same month as no refunds are made for missed classes. Arrangements will be made for students who miss three or more classes due to extended illness to have a private class to catch up on missed technique instruction.


Children in the same household – The first student’s tuition will be as stated above. Additional children living at the same address will receive a monthly discount of 10% for two or more hours of instruction when both children are taking a minimum of two classes. Pre-school level classes do not receive additional discounts, nor count towards the two class minimum.

Referral Program

Currently enrolled students referring new students will receive a $10.00 credit to their account upon completion on the new student’s enrollment.

Recital Fees and Costume Fees

Please refer to the recital information for complete information on recital fees, recital tickets, and costumes.

Cancellation Policy

Enrollment may be cancelled at any time by providing a written thirty-day (30) notice to the office. The final month of tuition will be charged at the time notice is submitted. If enrollment is cancelled after January 1, an additional fee of $25 per class will be charged to cover the cost of adjusting recital choreography. Any outstanding balances on costumes will also be charged at the time notice is submitted.

Registration fees, tuition, recital fees and costume fees are non-refundable.

artists in motion believes that no one should be denied the ability to follow their dreams and aspirations. Scholarships in the form of financial assistance are provided for students who desire to learn but may be limited in the financial means to do so. This process is completely confidential with a pre-enrollment meeting with the responsible adult and the owner. We also understand that personal circumstances can change at any time. For these instances, please contact the office to schedule a confidential meeting to discuss the options for tuition adjustments.